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Human Endogenous Retrovirus Database

The human endogenous retroviruses database (HERVd) is maintained at the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The HERVd provides complex information on and analysis of retroviral elements found in the human genome. It can be used for searches of individual HERV families, identification of HERV parts, graphical output of HERV structures, comparison of HERVs and identification of retrovirus integration sites.

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Current curators

  • Ondřej Moravčík
    • ondrej.moravcik (at)
  • Jan Pačes
  • Dan Elleder


  • Radek Zí­ka
  • Adam Pavlí­ček
  • Lucie Studená
  • Mirka Famfulí­ková
  • Vladimir V. Kapitonov
  • Jerzy Jurka
  • Václav Pačes