We are looking for the HERV-K family members on chromosome 22. The resulting hits can be characterized by a number of features. The required features can be preselected. For example, let us select the full unique identifiers of the hits, the identifiers of the nucleotide sequences where the elements were found (from GoldenPath), the number of fragments from which each hit consists, the total length of the elements and their short description. First fill in HERVK in the Family window and 22 in the chromosome (ch) window.


Click on the SEARCH link. A Table with four hits shows the results of the search. Each hit is described by the preselected features.You can download the detailed description of the selected HERV-K member(s) that includes location of the element on the chromosome, its orientation and number of LTRs.


Available is the graphical output.You can also download the full nucleotide sequence of the element(s).



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